Mastering & Distribution

In one solution MIST provides all the necessary tools to produce the deliverables of today and tomorrow: from RAW data to DCP or IMF, also including AS-02, AS-10, AS-11 DPP, in ACES or in HDR, at 4K and 8K resolutions, MIST masters them all.

Efficient from dailies to mastering, MIST also includes advanced color grading, editing and conforming capabilities.

Creation of Masters for Digital Cinema, Broadcast & OTT


DCP, DCDM, IMF, AS-11, AS-02, Dolby Mezzanine…

Create the largest variety of masters according to latest standards or Studio Delivery Specifications.

Mastering oriented features

Easy Composition conversion


Creating a version of an existing composition with a different resolution or frame rate may be tedious, as many settings must be adjusted: format, frame rate, etc.

With the feature “Duplicate As”, the original composition is automatically duplicated in a new composition with all the desired parameters, including an audio time stretch if necessary.

Audio Time Stretch


Perform a Time Stretch on the audio clips, when their original framerate does not match your output settings, without changing the tonal characteristics.

Mastering Timeline


The mastering timeline offers operations that are not supported in a standard editing timeline, like an advanced audio track layout management with support for multiple soundfields.


The segments and sequences (IMF), reels (DCP) and many other information such as markers or custom locators are clearly displayed in MIST’ timeline.


MIST supports soundfields and groups of soundfields, permitting advanced audio mix configurations.

Dual Viewport

The timeline also allows 2 simultaneous streams of 4K output, either from one or the two viewports.


Advanced Color Science


The Color Management System interface available in MIST allows a maximum flexibility in the color pipeline. Mastering to and from XYZ, HDR or ACES is facilitated.

  • Mix color spaces in the same timeline
  • Direct output of XYZ color space when working with a DCI projector
  • Raw parameters management integrated in the grading pipeline
  • ACES 1.2 support from dailies to deliverables, including DCP and IMF 

Timed Text Management


MIST supports a vast range of subtitles and allows their management

  • Editing subtitles including text, style and positioning
  • Control of the subtitles using the spotting list
  • Export of standalone subtitles in a variety of formats including IMSC1, XML SMPTE, EBU STL
  • Text luminance management


Expertise for package deliveries


DCP Mastering


MIST creates state-of-the-art Digital Cinema Packages and DCDMs in a ”what you see in what you get” paradigm: all the assets (images, subtitles and sound) can be previewed at full resolution and natively.

IMF Mastering


MIST is at the forefront of IMF Mastering. Since the first release of the standard, it has always provided the most extensive toolset for creating these master packages.

For broadcast and online content creators


Broadcast ready deliveries


With full compliance and interoperability with industry standards and recommendations (AMWA, DPP, EBU, NABA and SMPTE), MIST supported formats includes AS-11, including DPP AS-11 X, AS-10 AMWA, AS-02 packages, SONY XDCAM deliverables.

MIST supports the delivery specifications of a variety of broadcasters, not only for the video but also the different audio configurations.

Online content creation


MIST allows the creation of multiple types of deliverable requiring specific packaging and metadata in an automated way for the delivery of work in progress or master files for online platforms.

Netflix IMF, GAM and NAM are created with the required naming convention.
Files organization, manifests or sidecars are automatically created at the encoding following the delivery specifications.

Confidence when working in HDR

HDR Mastering & QC


MIST offers extended HDR Mastering features, allowing full confidence in what needs to be deliver in HDR.

HDR support includes Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG,  and Dolby Cinema.


HDR Workflows


  • On-the-fly cross conversions between the standards
  • Up and down conversions (SDR <-> HDR)
  • Subtitles color space & brightness management
  • Secondary corrections for the luminance

Dolby Vision


MIST is a certified Dolby Vision solution for Editorial & QC


  • Support for Dolby Vision CMv2.9
  • Export of IMF Dolby Vision, Dolby Mezzanine, Dolby Archival master
  • Application of tone mapping on regular masters

Immersive Audio & NGA support


Immersive Audio


MIST allows tools for the creation and the QC of masters with Immersive Audio technologies and standards, including Dolby Atmos (theaters), and DTS-X.

Quality Control and Standards Validation

Image analysis


Many analysis tools are available for monitoring the quality of the image.

Histograms, Vectorscope and Waveform with PQ & HLG mode are available, but also a CIE chromaticity diagram. 

Audio analysis


Numerous tools are available in MIST to create a master with the most accurate audio.

Loudness measurement (EBU R128), audio scopes, soundfield management are part of the audio QC toolset.



Validations, Mastering, Media information, export in PDF or XML a variety of reports for your media.


Features for Film & Video Preservation


Color Grading


MIST offers a full set of color grading tools. They are necessary not only when creating dailies, but also at the mastering stage, when the color space transformation requires manual adjustments.


Image Enhancement


MIST supports openFX plugins for adding effects on the image or apply restoration plugins.


Tape to File


MIST can be used to digitize tape-based material via the capture tool.

MIST also supports the RS-422 Sony 9-pin protocol in «slave mode».


Scalability & flexibility in the workflows


Remote workflows


MIST allows remote work using different tools including the offloading of the rendering to another server, on location or in the cloud.

The future of broadcasting


MIST supports NDI for playout and capture.
SMPTE ST-2110 is supported via the video IO boards.


Certified Hardware


MIST runs on certified hardware components, chosen for their excellence in the industry, that can be easily upgradable to increase the performances in time.

Available in two versions for more flexibility

MIST Prime

For the delivery of DCPs and broadcast files

  • Dailies management
  • Advanced color grading tools
  • Editing & Conforming
  • ACES Workflow
  • HDR conversions
  • DCP mastering

MIST Studio

For high-end deliverables

  • MIST Prime functionalities
  • DCP HDR mastering
  • IMF Mastering
  • Dolby Vision Editorial & QC
  • Dolby Atmos (theater) support
  • Background Rendering
  • Capture

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