Remote Operations

Thanks to latest IP technologies, post-production workflows evolve on demand, bringing a new flexibility in content processing operations.

On premise, from home, over the cloud or hybrid QC workflows

The offload of all resource-intensive image processes on a distant engine allows to work on any kind of mezzanine format or final master at native resolution and format.

Final transcoding, validation, color conversions, resizing are delocalized from the operator’s computer, allowing mastering operations from a lighter infrastructure.

Perform the quality control of high value-added masters up to 8K stored in cloud with frame and color encoding accuracy

The use of one¹ of the most advanced codecs in a transparent and automatized background transcoding process, allied with new IP technologies allows advanced QC operations with image analysis on distant high-resolution media.

Original color model, chroma subsampling and bit depth are preserved, while individual or random access on the image is provided on request.


¹ JPEG-XS is providing an excellent compromise between encoding / decoding speed, required bandwidth and low latency.

Integration, Scalability and Personalization

All our solutions offer an API or a SDK for the needs of integration in an existing infrastructure.

From local integrations to cloud-based deployment, the processing capabilities can be scaled in time easily.

Custom GUI can be built over our powerful solutions for dailies processing, mastering and versioning operations, content QC as well as the management of KDMs.

File metadata, as well as all our reports, including Validation, Mastering, HDR Analysis and PSNR reports are available in XML, allowing any kind of custom presentation of the data.

Workflow consultancy and integration assistance is provided.

Above operations are available with


Mastering System

QC Player

Transcoding Engine

KDM Management