KDM Management & Delivery

KEYMaster is a web-based platform allowing the management, the duplication, the delivery and the control of the KDMs.

KEYMaster is designed for every post-production facility, studio or cinema content distributor which needs to manage and control the creation and distribution of KDMs.

Efficiency and security


The duplication and delivery process of the KDMs is automatized to reduce operational time and possible mistakes.


KDMs Delivery


  • Download of KDMs for physical delivery, including bundle downloads
  • Automatic e-mailing of the KDMs to the recipient, could it be a theater, a post-house or a distributor
  • Support for TKR (Theatre Key Retrieval), the protocol that allows DCI servers to automatically ingest their KDMs without human intervention
  • KDMs’ web publishing is available for 24/24 emergency access

Content Security


KEYMaster only uses the DKDMs and device certificates for key duplication.

The actual content is never present on the server, thus avoiding any possible piracy.

KEYMaster only stores encrypted keys in the database.


Content Management


KEYMaster manages all the distribution KDMs (DKDM) created for a particular title.

Each DKDM displays important information like subtitles, resolution, audio type.

Distribution Lists


KEYMaster allows the creation and multiple use of lists for distribution purposes.

New distribution lists can be created for every new content release, or re-used and modified in the case of yearly contracts.

Using KEYMaster with MIST and ICE

Easier KDM management in house


Use KEYMaster to unify your KDM management and secure your viewing sessions:


Upload in KEYMaster the certificates for all your screens, MIST Mastering systems and ICE QC players


Create the DKDMs for a title with MIST for KEYMaster


Create in KEYMaster KDMs for a particular screen or ICE Player

Select your KEYMaster according to your needs

KEYMaster a la carte

Flexibility at minimun cost 

  • Screens & Movies management
  • KDM downloads
  • 1 User

KEYMaster online PRO

Volume KDM deliveries

  • Yearly Subscription
  • Screens, Accounts, Contacts, Locations, Distribution lists & Movies management
  • KDM downloads, automatic emailing and TKR support
  • External database integration services (option)
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Unlimited users and Role management


For custom integration

  • KEYMaster KDM generation engine
  • Designed for integration

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