Marquise Technologies to launch ICE Prime

Sep 1, 2022 | Press Release

Marquise Technologies to launch ICE Prime, the reference player for broadcast, digital cinema and online formats in a new desktop version.

Gland, Switzerland – September 1, 2022 – Marquise Technologies announced today a new version of ICE Player for the QC and real-time playback of broadcast, digital cinema and OTT industry standards on regular desktop systems.

As a reference player, ICE Prime offers unrivalled tools to monitor 4K HDR and NGA media on any kind of device (computer screen, reference monitor or DCI projector). A timeline with display of video, audio, subtitle tracks, markers and reels gives full overview of the content, including complex media packages.

CIE Chromaticity diagram, histogram, waveform, and vectorscope are also part of the toolbox for image analysis in a variety of color spaces, including ACES and REC 2020. On the audio side, a full set of meters allows Loudness measurement (EBU R128), Phase and peak controls.

Subtitles & Captions checking is made easy with the display of text lines and spotting list metadata. The support of timed text also includes embedded subtitles and captions.

ICE Prime supports a large variety of automatic file-based QC reports, making it the perfect assistant player to monitor the list of errors.

With this new desktop version, ICE Prime fulfils the needs of many post-production facilities: affordable licensing (per seat or per site), combined with lower hardware requirements and ease of use. ICE Prime supports the NDI 5th generation, opening a wide range of use cases from home, on premise or in a cloud environment.

“ICE Prime is the answer to many requests we had from the industry: an easy to deploy software solution, wherever the media is, able to QC advanced formats natively and with a simple user interface. Facilities are less and less working in silo and need to cover a wider range of formats from production to distribution with a single player. ICE Prime is the perfect Reference Desktop Player for any facility working with media”; says Laurence Stoll, CEO at Marquise Technologies.

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