March Newsletter

Mar 31, 2022 | Newsletter

This spring sees the release of the new versions for MIST, ICE and TORNADO. Continuing the enhancement process of 2021, our solutions have gained numerous features and an important simplification of the user interface.


What’s new

A new entry door…

Goodbye our legacy entry circular menu!

Because we have totally unified the way to import media, would they be files, image sequences, or IMF and DCP packages, our entry menu was not adapted anymore, and therefore has been replaced by an immediate access to the Project Manager.

This change finalises our new principle for media management available since last year, with a lot more controls and shortcuts available directly from the media bin and the composition list.


Content Validation


The Validation capabilities have been extended to other content than DCP and IMF packages. A large variety of media files can now be validated for a particular Delivery Specification, including AS-11 masters, XAVC-RDD 32 masters and many more.


The future of our industry


Next Generation Codecs

The recently announced support for VC-6 expands our set of next generation codecs, permitting the most advanced workflows. The set was already including JPEG-XS and HTJ2K (High Throughput JPEG 2000).


NDI Support

The Network Device Interface (NDI) is a high performance standard that allows to use real time, ultra low latency video on existing IP video networks. The integration of NDI in our product range multiplies the way content is both received and played-back across a network.


Enhanced reports


Our reports have been improved and now contain a lot of additional information, especially about the compositions and their metadata. Bitrate analysis graphs are now included in all report types. Media Info, HDR Analysis, Validation and Mastering reports are all available in PDF and XML.



About NAB 2022

We have taken the decision not to attend NAB this year. We will continue to organise private interactive workshops with you. These have proved to be very valuable in the past years.

However we invite you to meet in person at IBC in September!

– interested by a private workshop about content mastering or QC? please contact-us

A new Website

We are proud to announce the launch of the newly redesigned website

The new site features a modern and responsive design, improved navigation, and easy access to essential information to help people have a better understanding of our solutions.

And we do not ask you to accept any cookies, since we are ethic and do not collect your information !

Did you know ?

The “Duplicate As” function

Creating a version of an existing composition with a different resolution or frame rate may be tedious, as many settings must be adjusted: format, frame rate, etc. With the feature “Duplicate As”, the original composition is automatically duplicated in a new composition with all the desired parameters, including an audio time stretch if necessary. No more hassle when creating an European air master from an original content from the US…

How to Validate multiple compositions ?

To validate a package with multiple compositions, first select all the CPLs in the Composition list before choosing the Validation. They all will be included in a single validation report.